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Hello! I'm Suzanne Laurel McKinley and I am the owner of Laurel’s Loft, a furniture, decor and gift boutique in Cambridge, Ontario.


We specialize in refurbished furniture, and we also have an eclectic, ever-changing collection of local artwork, homemade items, antiques and gently used items. 

Laurel’s Loft was birthed out of my passion for finding and restoring items that had been neglected and forgotten. I like to draw out the beauty that may no longer be visible on the surface.


This venture started out in an unfinished basement with poor lighting and has blossomed into an oasis of beautiful things. We are a family business, and everything you see in the shop (from floors to lights to pillows and mirrors) has been crafted by us as a physical demonstration of our creative disciplines and our journeys with the Father, who has faithfully restored us to beauty from ashes as well.


We can't wait to welcome you to our space! 


Delight in the Hummingbird

We're blessed here at Laurel's Loft to have several resident hummingbirds grace us with their regular presence in our outdoor seating areas. We find much pleasure in watching them flit here and there with so much finesse and ease. Their ability to hover mid-flight and the intricate beauty of these tiny creatures reminds us of God’s great attention to detail, and His amazing creative spirit!!

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